Arbutus Moderna RNAi LNP IP Patent COVID-19

Is Moderna’s LNP Technology a Patent Infringement against Arbutus

According to Mark Murry (CEO of Arbutus), “We have seen no evidence of a Moderna delivery system that is free of our intellectual property. Not in their publications, their presentations, or in the examples in their patent filings.”

Read more about this in a Forbes article: Moderna Can’t Escape My Intellectual Property, Says Arbutus CEO

Three credible articles discuss in detail the nature of Moderna’s (MRNA) potential violation of patents held by Arbutus (ABUS) regarding its LNP (Lipid NanoParticle) technology—the delivery mechanism of the much-anticipated mRNA1273 vaccine candidate.

Is Moderna’s COVID-19 Vaccine Using Arbutus Biopharma’s Patents?

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ABUS – More Nuggets of the Covid Gem:

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